PORTO di Livorno

[Asbestos import in Italy: the transit through Livorno harbour from 1957 to 1995].

[Article in Italian]


Azienda USL 6 Livorno, Dipartimento della prevenzione, UF PISLL, Area livornese. a.nemo@usl6.toscana.it


This work aims to describe quantities, type of packaging and geographical area of origin of the asbestos fibres unloaded in Livorno harbour between 1957 and 1995. Historical data, available for this period, were collected from Il Messaggero Marittimo, a periodical journal dealing with Livorno harbour activities. Collaboration between the local Health and Safety Unit (ASL 6) and the Institute for Study and Prevention of Cancer (ISPO), both Regional Institutions of the National Health Service, made it possible to carry out this work. The computation of the collected data for the whole period allows the description of the quantities, year by year and the assessment of the percentage imported through Livorno on the total tonnage imported in Italy during the same period. The detection of the geographical areas of origin allowed to estimate the quantities subdivided by type of fibre (serpentine/amphiboles). These results will help the historical assessment of occupational asbestos exposure of the Livorno dockers.

[PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]


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